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We train a lot of families, with a training program specific to each member.

Parents can get training around their work and social commitments, while we can train children after school time. With a growing number of children and teens in need of more exercise, we provide swimming coaching, and sessions based around football, mountain biking, and gentle gym exercises adapted to your child’s age range.



We understand the demands placed on today's busy working professionals and are very used to accommodating them.

With unpredictable work schedules, business trips and often long working hours, we can fit sessions in around these to keep your fitness routine on track.

We regularly work with a range of different professions including Doctors, Lawyers, self employed entrepreneurs and senior executives. 



Share your session with a maximum of 2 friends and help each other keep motivated and get a personal trainer from £25/ hour/ pers.

Buddy sessions are ideal to keep personal training affordable while training with 2 friends is fun and challenging.

We limit the size of buddy session to a maximum of three participants, this is to maintain the quality of the training you get and insure that your personal goals and requirements will be fulfilled.

These are very popular with our mummy clients and can very easily be set up around school hours.

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